5 Best Punjabi Typing Test Online Sites

The exam I’m looking for is a typing test in Punjabi. If you’d want to see how fast you can type in Punjabi online, I’m here to help. When it comes to typing, speed is everything.

Most students and typewriter users are looking for an online typing tool to measure their speed.

Punjabi Typing Test Online

1. Type Punjabi

For Punjabi typing tests in Raavi Font, this is one of the greatest sites. The site’s design is user-friendly, making it a breeze to go about. You’ll notice a Punjabi paragraph underneath a field where you may enter your work when you visit this site. As a result of my admiration, I place this website first.

2. Hindi typing.

Most of you think I’m seeking Punjabi material. However, the latest trend in Punjabi is prompting me to inform you about a Hindi typing test website. This is the second item on my list since they will ask for your name before you can begin typing.

3. Typing Khilare

For those interested in learning to type in Punjabi or English, Khilare is an excellent place to start. Compared to other Punjabi fonts, this one is the simplest to use since it adheres to international standards and has a keyboard layout optimized for a key input.

Because the metrics are conveniently located on the left side of the keypad, it’s simpler to navigate using this keyboard. By hitting the shift key on the same keys, you can differentiate between characters like ‘d‘ and ‘d‘.

4. Punjabi Exams Portal

You’re getting ready to take a typing test. When it comes to testing portals like the Punjabi government or others, thousands of individuals utilize this website to check their scores. All the Punjabi typewriters gather here to practice their Ravi font speed.

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5. Akhar Tk

Since all mother languages are on one side of the keyboard, learning to type Punjabi is a lot simpler than learning to type S. This is the best place to learn Punjabi typing in the Ravi font.

Don’t worry if you’re accustomed to typing in Asis / Joy. At akhartk.com, we provide free Ravi typing on Twitter. It won’t take more for you to master the Ravi typefaces if you put in the effort regularly.

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