Who was Asa Singh Mastana? Everything You Must Know About Him

He was a traditional Punjabi musician and vocalist, Asa Singh Mastana. During the 1940s, Actuality was a household name. When All India Radio began promoting folk performers in the 1960s, they quickly developed a cult following, with Surinder Kaur and Kuldeep Manak at the top.

In the popular Bollywood film Heer, Mastana’s voice was recognized. He mostly sang folk songs in the ‘Jugni’ and ‘Heer’ styles, which tell the tales of Heer-Ranjha penned by the poet Waris Shah.

It is said that Mastana was born on August 22nd, 1927, in a hamlet in Punjab to parents Sardar Pritam Singh and Bibi Amrit Kaur. Since he was a kid, he’s had a thing for singing.

The life of Asa Singh Mastana

Pandit Durga Prasad taught him the art of music. When it came to learning, he didn’t require much help! It was an innate ability and a gift from God for Mastana to sing. He has aided at every step of his musical journey with a clear mind and a strong vision.

Asa Singh Mastana was known as one of the singers of his era who had a strong academic background. Before the partition, he received his B.A. from Khalsa College in Lahore. Former Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal was a classmate of his. Thus they had a connection there.

He recorded his first post-partition song, “Thandiye Hawaye Kihde Please Tu Aayi Ae”, on the radio in 1949. A few years after the partition, he worked for the Reserve Bank of India and lived in Delhi. He remained there for several years until retiring with the rank of officer.

It wasn’t until he worked at a bank for many years that his mentality allowed him to focus only on money, even if it didn’t improve his income or prize money. Divided into “Not a single dime was lost from me,” he said.

Surinder Kaur, a well-known Punjabi singer and songwriter, was one of his collaborators for most of the year. This pair has given us numerous timeless Punjabi tunes throughout their 40 years of singing together. For a period, he performed alongside Parkash Kaur.

Mastana and Surinder Kaur collaborated on studio albums as well as live performances. Unfortunately, Mastana’s latter years were spent singing in distinct styles, which they both regret.

Mastana’s Asa Singh has released several songs.

The audience has praised Asa Singh Mastana’s whole song collection.

  • Kali Teri Gut
  • Jat Oharhde Mirze Khannu
  • Kulli Rah Wich Pai Asan Tere
  • A song by Surinder Kaur and Baagan Wich Beliyan
  • Lai Khabar Na Kujh Heer
  • With Surinder Kaur on vocals, Phir Tun Tun Toomba
  • My name is Mele Nun.
  • Sawan Da Mahina AA Gaya
  • Chala Jawanga, the main door.
  • Khabar Na Kujh Lai Khabar Na
  • Kejaan Waliye Peke Jaan
  • Sarkhe Sarkhe Jandiye Mutiare
  • Surinder Kaur and Bolian-Bagan Wich perform.
  • Bale Ni Punjab Diye Sher Bachie
  • Main Tera Shabab Lai Betha
  • Jaan Peke Jaan
  • Pandit Jagdish Chandra Bose
  • It’s Mele Nuchal Mere Nal Kurhe.
  • Clash of Clans
  • Barring unforeseen circumstances, we’ll proceed with caution.

Accomplishments and Interesting

  1. In 1985, the Padma Shri was bestowed to Asa Singh Mastana Singer.
  2. In addition, in 1986, he was awarded the Sangeet Natya Academy Award.
  3. Members of Mastana’s previous cultural missions to other countries include:
  4. One of the most important figures in Punjabi music history! Despite its numerous accomplishments, Mastana does not hold any LP records.
  5. Songs like “Kali Teri Gut,” “Doli Charhdeyan Marian Heer Cheekaan,” and “Balle Ni Panjaab Diye Sher Bachiye” have served as models for subsequent generations of Punjabi performers.

Asa Singh Mastana’s Most Frequently Asked Question

In what way did Asa Singh’s Mastana name come to be?

He was given the name in honor of his father, Asa Singh. One of his instructors added the suffix ‘Mastan’ to his name when he was in sixth grade. His instructor once told him, “Oye Asya, tu badi mastaniya kr reha hai,” since he was getting into a lot of trouble at school. After that, he was able to use the Mastana term.

The death of Asa Singh Mastana

After a protracted illness, the singer died away on May 23rd, 1999.

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