Who is Narinder Singh Kapany and why is he Awarded Padma Vibhushan Posthumously?

An Indian American Sikh scientist recognized as the Father of Optic Fiber is Narinder Singh Kapany. He was born in Moga, Punjab, on October 31, 1996, and died in 2020.

He served in the Indian Ordnance Factories Service before moving to Imperial College London in 1952 to pursue a Ph.D. In 1955, even Narinder Singh graduated with honors from the University of London in optical engineering degrees.

He was raised in Dehradun as a youngster. After completing his undergraduate education at Agra University, he proceeded to the United Kingdom to do postgraduate work in optics at Imperial College London.

In 1954, he published a study in Nature on transferring pictures using optical fiber bundles. He married Satinder Kaur in London the same year. Acquaintances with the British Royal Academy of Engineering, Optical Society of America, and other scientific organizations.

The Excellence 2000 Prize from the USA Pan-Asian American Chamber of Commerce and the Pravasi Bharati Samman Award from the Government of India were among the numerous awards and recognitions he earned from the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Narinder Singh Kapany Awarded Padma Vibhushan

Narinder Singh Kapany is widely regarded as the inventor of fiber optics. However, he is seldom credited as its inventor.

Kapany has authored four books on fiber optics and entrepreneurship with more than 100 patents to his credit; his analytical applications encompass fiber optics, laser, and solar energy, as well as other fields.

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