Welcome Bhua Ji Binnu Dhillion New Punjabi Movie Announced

Halle-2020 star Binnu Dhillon has resorted to social media to announce the release date of his second 2020 film, Welcome Bhua Ji. On August 21, 2020, the film will be released in cinemas, and there will be no male protagonist.

Details about the remainder of the cast have been kept under wraps for now. Additionally, the film will be made by Rohit Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, Pankaj Trehan, and Anshu Munish Sahni, amongst others.

No, we’re not referring to the real-life Punjabi actress Binnu Dhillon. The title of their next Punjabi endeavor is Welcome Bhua Ji, though.

An official poster for the actor’s upcoming project, in which he is starring opposite Sargun Mehta, was posted on his Instagram account.

It’s safe to assume that Bhua Ji (my father’s sister) is more than welcome. As a result, Bhua Ji will be the focus of all eyes.

It’s possible Bhua Ji was feeling down because she was missing her family or she was visiting from another country. She’s being greeted like a princess, from the looks of things.

Biannual Dhillon, the Punjabi actor who recently worked with Sargun Mehta to shoot his new year’s movie teaser, has revealed the title of another project he’s working on.

The film’s name has been revealed in an Instagram post by the actor. The film’s title is, and it’s scheduled for release in 2020.

Yuji’s arrival is shown in a regal manner in the poster. The film will be released on August 21, 2020. Ajmer Star Group and Smeep Kang Productions have joined forces to make the film.

They get credit for both plot and screenplay, and one of them will be directed by The Simpsons. Binnu Dhillon will also appear in the main roles of ‘Jaga 7/51’ and ‘Punjab’ in other projects. Hera Pheri and Gipi Grewal’s Animated Film.

Binnu shared the poster with the message, Bhua Ji’s next movie will be released on August 21, 2020.



Welcome To be released under the Omjee Star Studios brand is Rohit Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar & Pankaj Trehan’s production of Bhua Ji.

As for the director, that’d be Smeep Kang. Welcome, Vaibhav Shreya is the author of the Bhua Ji Story. Binnu Dhillon is one of the film’s main cast members.

Every week, another date is being added to the 2020 calendar. Rohit Kumar – Sanjeev Kumar and Rangreja, which comprises The Smeep Kang Productions and OmmJe Star Studios, will release this movie.

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