Unni Ikki Punjabi Movie Jagjeet Sandhu,Trailer & Star Cast

Shadda and Kaka Ji are two recent examples of Jagjeet Sandhu’s recent roles in Punjabi films. He’s done some work there. In Unni Ikki, Punjabi actor Sawan Rupowali starred with Jagjeet in the prominent role.
We’re looking forward to Unni Ikki, a drama-comedy starring Karmajit Anmol, a comedian-actor-singer.

We were impressed by Sawan Rupowali’s performance in the Harjeeta Movie, where he starred with Ammy Virk. She’s watched the Shab Bahadur movie short. Sawan Rupowali’s first endeavor was this.

As for the starring role in the Unni Ikki Punjabi film, it goes to Jagjeet Sandhu. We’ve seen him in several films and know he’s an excellent performer. Both of these celebrities are well-suited for the roles they’ve chosen.

Karmajit Anmol, a well-known Punjabi actor, and comedian would also lend his support to the story. In addition, Kamajit Anmol is well-known for his talents as a comic. He has appeared in several Punjabi films, including Lucky Di Unlucky Story, Muklawa Punjabi movie, Manje Bistre 2, and many more.

Unni Ikki is a Punjabi romance comedy. Jagjeet, who is making his feature film debut here, gets to take center stage. Jagjeet is introduced as a storyteller in the teaser’s opening scene. You don’t have to quarrel with everyone; his elders taught him as a child.

Every difficulty can be solved with love and the power of thought. Even though he knows what he’s doing, he falls in love with a girl in the story’s twist.

As he matured, he discovered the joy of romantic love. This teaser has a minor twist and a humorous scene. I hope you like it. The trailer for the film has not yet been published, but it will do so shortly.

Unni Ikki Movie Star Cast

  • Starring – Jagjeet Sandhu, Karamjit Anmol, Sawan Rupowali, Prakash Gadhu, Gurchet Chitrakar, Lucky Dhaliwal, Navu Singh
  • Actors – Sawan Rupowali, Nirmal Rishi, Mohni Toor & Sangeet Gupta
  • Director – Kaypee Gill, Livtar Singh
  • Movie Genre – Comedy & Romantic
  • Creative Producer – Vishal Kholi
  • Dialogues – Aman Sidhu & Tata Benipal
  • Music Director – The Boss
  • Lyricist – AVI, Majinder Brar
  • Dop – Prakash Biwas
  • Movie Presenter – KP Motion Pictures & Ghant Singh Entertainment

Everyone who has contributed to making this film a success is listed below.

We saw a lot of Punjabi films, and there were a lot of senior celebrities. These days, a plethora of really gifted performers are available to us. Who are these actors who just got off the stage to show us what they can do here at home?

For the first time, we have two osm superstars in one film. In the lead-in flicks, they are playing Unni Ikki.

The official trailer for Geetmp3’s YouTube channel was released today. When Jagjeet Sandhu falls in love with Sawan Rupwali, he decides to be married to her in a locket. He needs to be classified as a non-resident Indian (NRI).

Many Punjabi parents are on the lookout for a girl who is an NRI. However, that isn’t the case in this film. Not a single country’s NRI ship can be relied on. In other cases, he can only marry her if he is an NRI.

NRI owner Karmajit Anmol and Sawan Rupwali’s parents are preparing to marry each other at Unni Ikki. When Jagjeet Sandhu tries to gain the PR of another nation, the movie twists. This brief trailer is our starting point for evaluating Unni Ikk Movie.

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On October 18, 2019, this film will be released. In other words, the month after this one, just before the celebration of Diwali.

Additional information may be found here. It is also produced by Amandeep Singh Sandhu, Kaypee Gill, Abha Kohli, Navneet Singh, and Vipul Kamboj, the film’s directors. On October 18, the film will be released.

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