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Top 21 Most Beautiful Punjabi Models

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The popularity of Punjabi music videos is on the rise. Many Punjabi models have worked in films and music videos, while others aspired to follow in their footsteps. Here, you’ll find a list of some of the most stunning Punjabi models you’ve ever seen. The time has come to begin.

Female Punjabi models who are the most beautiful

Get up to date with the newest female model names featured in Punjabi music videos. Following these Punjabi models is also an option.

1. Himanshi Khurana.

Punjabi singer Himanshi Khurana is known for her work. This is her seventh year in the Punjabi music business. Season 13 of Big Boss included even her. She mostly works in Punjabi music and film. However, she has recently been pursuing a singing career as well.

Asim Riaz, the Big Boss Season 13 runner-up, will be her spouse. Both of them are happy with the way things are going.

Listen to Punjabi songs by Himanshi Khurana

  • Standard of Excellence
  • Nai Kalla Shona Kalla.
  • Dade should be followed.
  • Cover of Naa Ji Naa
  • Nazar

2. Tristin Dhaliwal

You may have seen Tristin Dhaliwal’s performance as the primary female character in the 5 Taara Song. She is a Punjabi actress from the UK.

She likes to check out her Instagram feed to see what she’s up to when she has time. Eventually, she could get a job in the Punjabi music scene.

3. Roopi Gill

A popular Canadian Punjabi actress, Roopi Gill, has appeared in films such as Ashke, Lahyie Je Yariyan, and Vadda Kalakaar. Roopi is of Punjabi descent. Even she has sung Punjabi songs throughout her career.

Punjabi Music by Roopi Gill

  • Diljit Dosanjh.
  • Gurnam Bhullar is a diamond.
  • We may call him Akhil.
  • Gursewak Dhillon, author of Scratch.
  • Mankirt Aulakh is the name of Kamli’s partner.
  • Prabh Gill and Tareyaan De Des.
  • This is Karan Aujla’s song, “Yaarian Ch Fikk.”

4. Aman Hundal

Wakhra Swag, a Punjabi song by Nav Inder and BadSha, was viewed and listened to by everyone. Aman Hundal’s music was used in the actress’s main part song.

5. Ginni Kapoor

The Dimple Girls, Ginni Kapoor. She is also well-known for the Punjabi music director Preet Hundal’s Black Suit, one of his most well-known compositions. She was born in New Delhi and was raised there.

6. Rupali Sood

Rupali Sood’s renowned song Horn Blow KR da With Hardy Sandhu came in at number six on our list.

7. Rumman Ahmed

Rumman Ahmed is well-known in the fashion world for her sophisticated style. The Punjabi song Hanju, in which she played a deaf and stupid girl, brought her to the notice of the public. Sethji is an Indian television serial in which he starred as the protagonist.

After analyzing his work, we can conclude that he is a wonderful artist and number three on our list.

8. Sara Gurpal

Her name is Sara Gupral, and she is a popular Punjabi model. Every Punjabi song has her in it. She’s collaborated with almost all of the top Punjabi singers. The Punjabi public adores her acting and charm. There are other Punjabi films where Sara has appeared, such as Dangar Doctor and Mrs. and Mr. Kohli.

Sara Gurpal’s Albums and Songs

  • a more leisurely pace
  • Okay, bye.
  • The Door – Kanwar Chahal
  • Astrid Subah – the ninja.
  • Affluent Bhabhi
  • The brakes didn’t work – Sukh e – Harnav Brar
  • Jabby Gill is a VCR user.
  • The Gallan Mithiyan – Mankirt Aulakh pair
  • Athra Subah – The Ninja

9. Oshin Brar

Punjabi actress Oshin Brar is also a fashion model (born November 4, 1993, in Chandigarh, India). In addition to her acting degree, she also has a certificate in film and television acting.

She made her acting debut in Jimmy Shergill and Diljit Dosanjh starrer Mukhtar Chadha in 2015. Anmol Brar, his younger brother, is a Punjabi musician.

10 Monica Gill

Actress and Punjabi model Monica Gill is a native of India and an Indian-American (born July 20, 1990, in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA). She was crowned Miss India Worldwide 2014 for her attractiveness.

At the moment, she’s also serving as Miss India New England after being crowned Miss India USA 2013. At the University of Massachusetts Amherst, she was trained in the arts.

Gul Panag, Lauren Gottlieb, Monica Gill, Diljit Dosanjh, and Monica Gill were among her first Punjabi flicks.


The Punjabi music industry has never seen somebody quite like Rouhani Sharma. Additionally, she’s featured in several Punjabi movies.

Shee collaborated with practically all of Punjab’s most popular singers for her debut song video, Kudi Tu Pataka. His position is fourth on our list. There is a slew of regional languages on screen for which she has been.

13. Tanvi Negi.

Tanvi Negi has been in the business for more than five years, a veteran of the Punjabi music and film industry. In 2012, she had crowned Miss Ludhiana and came in at number 12. Once Upon a Time in Amritsar and Jodi Big Day Party were her first film and music videos. He had the crowd spellbound with his charismatic performance.

14. Priyanka Bhardwaj.

Priyanka Bhardwaj is a well-known Punjabi singer and model at number 13. Her music video debut was for the song Har Jani Aa. In this video, I was able to screen share with Mehtab Virk. She’s a gorgeous actress and model in Polywood Punjabi films, and her name is well-known.

She’s a talented dancer, and this is her first performance. The film was Shri 420, a Telugu film. To meet your future husband, search for Muslim wedding sites and Punjabi wedding sites on the internet.

15. Simi Chahal

The actress and Punjabi model Simi Chahal is well-known to most of us. Rabb Da Radio, Chal Mera Putt 2, and Golak Bugni Te Bank Batua are just a few of the critically acclaimed Punjabi films in which she has appeared. Everyone loves her as a Punjabi actor.

17. Shenaz Kaur Gill

Shenaz Kaur Gill is a well-known figure. Big Boss Season 13’s most talked-about contestant was her. Even she has been a part of a slew of Punjabi pop hits.

Shehnaz Kaur Gill

  • Team
  • Range
  • Sidewalk
  • Guri – Yaari – Guri
  • Aakhiyaan – Abby Thakur
  • Kanwar Chahal and Majhe Di Jatti
  • Villian Da Lana (the Villian)
  • Chandigarh

18. Vishakha Thakur

In the Punjabi film business, Vishakha Thakur is the most adored young lady. He was born in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, on January 6, 1993. On Speed Records, Sony, and T-Series, she usually sang Punjabi songs of various pop genres. Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, is where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Hinduism.

19. Rupinder Handa

Singer and stage performer Rupinder Handa is a well-known Punjabi singer and actor. When she won the first season of Awaz Punjab Di Season 1 in 2005, she became a household name.

Rupinder Handa is a Punjabi musician whose songs, such as Tor da Kreez, Pind de Geh, and near the heart, are getting more famous. A video of the most viral fight between Rupinder Handa and Gagan Kokari has viewers on their seats. Both, though, are deceiving themselves.

20. Sonia Mann

Sonia Mann works as a model and an actor in India in her spare time. She was born in Haldwani, Uttarakhand, India, on September 10, 1993.

He went to Amritsar’s Holy Heart Presidency School and Spring Dale Senior School for his formal education. Sonia Mann graduated from the BBK DAV College for Women in Amritsar with a Bachelor’s degree.

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21. Kanika Mann.

Kanika Mann, a great friend, nabbed the last 21 spots on our list. Newcomer Kanika is a rising star in Punjab’s music scene. Sharai Mann’s Punjabi song Ruhfza served as the basis for her early efforts in the music industry. He’s got a great disposition and a gorgeous grin.

And she’s now working on a TV program called Good Tumse Na Hoyega, where she’s garnering praise for her performance as an actor.

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