Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree Season 3, Cast, Episode

On YouTube, Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree is one of the most popular Punjabi web programs ever created. Everyone wants to see an excellent web series, but the YJKD crew isn’t ready to put it on Troll Punjabi yet.

YJKD Season 3 viewers are eagerly awaiting their return, as they have said in their promotional video. Season 3 of YJKD will be released shortly.

There are two more popular Punjabi web series on YouTube, as well. Student War and Ishq De Bulle, if not, may you have viewed it.

Punjabi web series, according to some, are superior to Punjabi films. I’m stumped. A common misconception among males is that filmmakers don’t come up with fresh stories; instead, they just tweak existing ones.

The length of a movie should not exceed two hours; however, web series are often broken up into eight to ten episodes, with each episode lasting 40 minutes. This may explain why so many people these days choose to watch online shows.

Have you seen Gippy Grewal’s new web series, Warning Web Series, which he announced?

Kasooti Degree 3’s release date has been announced by Yaar Degree.

Many of us are eagerly anticipating the debut of YJKD season 3. Troll Punjabi’s official YouTube channel said in a video that the third season of Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree would be published when the channel’s subscriber count reaches more than 10 million.

The cast and crew of Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree Series Season 2 are listed below.

Pukhraj Bhalla (Instagram: @pukhrajbhalla), Prateek Singh Rai (Instagram: @prateek.singh.rai), Pawan Johal (Instagram: @ipawanjohal), Jasmine Bajwa (Instagram: @jasminbajwa22), Sukhdeep Sapra (Instagram: @sukhdeep supra official), Parteek Vadhera (Insta

Cinematography: Gagan Sarao (Insta: @saraogagan)

In addition to Bhindi Tolawal, Paramveer Sharma, and Angad Sadana, the co-writers of this film are:

Conversations: Bhindi Tolawal

Sukhi Singh, the executive producer of this project

The Editors: Rabby Tiwana & Gursimran Thind!

The artist responsible for the colorwork is Prince K Makkar

Angad Sadana, Chief Asst. Director Mohit Kapoor, Asst. Director

3rd Assistant Director: Sukhmeet Dahiya, Smyle Sachdeva, Rahul Grover, and Mohit Wadhwa

Karan Kamra, Parvesh Sharma, and Baldeep Singh Sidhu served as camera assistants.

Sukhchain Singh was the casting director.

Ram Sohi is the sound recordist.

The name Husandeep Mehal Foley

Assistant Set Designers Laddi Sangtiwala and Bhavya Chhabra were responsible for designing the set for the film.

Avinash Shukla is the man behind the vision.

Manpreet Singh is the coach (Larry)

Amrinder Laddi, Daya Virk, and Pawandeep Singh are the producers.

In charge of hair and makeup: Harwinder Harry

Mehnge Bande designed the poster.

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  1. All Season Episodes of YJKDThe first episode is where everyone gets together and introduces themselves.
  2. A fight between Anmol and Balbir’s Teacher about homework is seen in this episode. Rozy madam’s entrance was a success. In the series.
  3. In the third episode, Lalli helps Anmol Jass and Ekam save Keerat and Sukhmani from Teji and Company.
  4. Anmol and Daizy will clash in the fourth episode over Balbir’s assignment to the class. Ekam and Jass will realize that they have a shared interest. Roop and Keerat encounter Simran. While Lalli, as always, relies on Alcohol, Lucky flirts with Jessica a little bit.
  5. Roop’s Parental Consultation in Episode 5 More pupils will get their grades if they are fortunate. How do they see themselves as the people who raised them?
  6. Anmol and Daizy will meet in this episode’s sixth installment for the first time.
  7. 7th Episode: In the Star Records single track competition, Jass and Ekam faced off against one another. Roop was scrambling to come up with a plan to meet Simran.
  8. Keerat will learn more about Roop’s split with her in the 8th episode. Lalli feels unsure about his actions in aiding the Teji faction in their assassination of Jagmeet Warraich.
  9. Roop, Daizy, and Anmol all discuss their feelings regarding Keerat’s breakup and their feelings for despair in this episode.
  10. In the tenth episode, Jass learns the true meaning of Shape. Simran, Roop’s girlfriend, will accompany her.
  11. You’ll learn what happened to Lucky after purchasing Jessica’s phone in this episode.
  12. In this episode, you’ll find out where all of your buddies will go.
  13. This is the last episode of Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree, and things got worse from here on out. Lali wanted to visit the United States. Lucky was taken into custody by the authorities. Keerat and Roop didn’t commit to anything, even their love.

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