Tu Mera Ki Lagda Movie Announced Star Cast Harjit Harman

Tu Mera Ki Lagda, a new Punjabi film, will premiere on December 6, 2019. The film, directed by Manjeet Singh Tony and Gurmeet Saajan, is produced by Winner’s Film Productions.

In addition to the actors mentioned above, the film features Shefali Sharma, Gurmeet Saajan, Prince KJ Singh, Nisha Bano, and many more. The teaser also features cameo appearances by Ravinder Grewal and Jaspinder Cheema.

Tu Mera Ki Lagda, an upcoming film, is a mishmash of genres. There is a lot of love, a lot of drama, a lot of romance, and a lot more.

The story begins with a boy who falls in love with a girl he saw at a wedding, only to discover that the girl’s family does not approve of their relationship, and she ends up marrying someone else.

The movie’s plot may be intriguing, but this clichéd trailer does nothing to pique our interest in it. A succession of events occurs out of order in the trailer, resulting from poor editing.

When coupled with Shefali Sharma as the lead actress, Harjit Harman fails to deliver the powerful impact an actor should have on the audience. We’ve had enough of Yograj Singh’s voice starting a trailer for a while now. Therefore the veterans are sticking to their guns.

Shefali Sharma stars in Harjit Harman’s forthcoming Punjabi film, Tu Mera Ki Lagda, and the first look poster has been published. Yograj Singh, Gurmeet Saajan, Gurpreet Bhangu, and Prince Kanwaljit Singh will also appear in the film.


  • Singers: R Nait, Harjit Harman, Ninja, Sudesh Kumari, Shipra Goyal
  • Music Director: Atul Sharma, Laddi Gill, Ikwinder Singh, Dj Strings
  • Lyrics: Bachan Bedil, R Nait, Bittu Mehal Kalan, Harmanjeet, Amanpreet Bajwa, Vicky Dhaliwal
  • Music Label: Goyal Music
  • Original Background Score: Salil Amrute (U.K)
  • Assistant Editor: Garry Singh
  • Sound Design & Mixing: Sameer Shelar (Mumbai)
  • Di: Sanklan Media PVT. LTD
  • Colorist: Pushpendra Surywanshi
  • Director Of Photography: Barinder Sidhu
  • Choreographer: Narsh Shikari
  • Art: Abhijit Singh (Attlai)
  • Asociate Director: Bikram Gill
  • Cheaf Ad: Gurmeet Photogenic
  • Ad: Gurbhej Singh, Subham Sharma, Angrej Mannan, Ladi Algon, Mangal Matta
  • Still: Studio Photogenic (KKP), Mangal Verma
  • Line Producer: Amarjit Khurana
  • Motion Grafix: Harprit Kang (FX Tantra)
  • Poster Design: Mika Singh
  • Dress: Navdeep Agoria
  • Visual Promotion: Edit Point
  • Promos: Raj Maan, Bakhshinder Singh
  • Producer – Gurmeet Saajan
  • Associate Producer – Happy Goyal, Baghi Sandhu Rurka kalan (uk)
  • Co-Producer Satnam Batra, Gurmeet Singh, Bhola layalpuria
  • Written & Directed By – Manjeet Tony, Gurmeet Saajan
  • Releasing Worldwide on 6 Dec 2019

Harjit took to Instagram to let his followers know about his next film. Gurmeet Saajan and Manjit Singh Tony wrote and directed the film. Tu Mera Ki Lagda is also produced by Gurmeet under Winners Film Production.

After releasing his debut album, Kudi Chiran Ton Vichhari, Harjit Harman became a well-known Punjabi singer and actor. He appeared in the 2009 Punjabi film ‘Tera Mera Ki Rishta’ as a guest star after establishing himself as a Punjabi singer.

Tu Mera Ki Lagda, starring Shefali Sharma and Yograj Singh, will be Harjit’s next film. The musician, best known for his hit song Punjebaan, announced the news on his official Instagram account.

Harman hasn’t announced a release date yet, but he did share a photo from the film with his followers. It was titled Tu Mera Ki Lagda by him. Shortly, a release date for my upcoming film will be announced… There’s a lot more to come…

In the past, Harjit posted a picture of the film’s poster on his social media accounts. Filmmakers Manjeet Singh Tony and Gurmeet Saajan wrote and directed the project, which will be shown thanks to the generosity of Winners Film Productions.


Interesting T About Tu Mera Lagda Movie

Few people are aware that in 2018, this amazing actor took on the director role for the film Kuramaiya.

Sajjan has been filming for his role in Garhgarh Sindhi recently, and he plans to go on to his next project after he’s through filming. You Are My Laura will be the director of your next film, and you will read it.

We will keep you updated as we learn more about Harjit Harman and Japji Khaira’s plans for her final two films, Tum Meri Kida and Tum Meri Dilwale. Chat Room for Everyone

Recall that his last film as a director didn’t do well at the box office. The lack of promotion was a major factor in this, even though the picture was widely lauded when it was shown on television. More than half of the audience had no idea that such a picture hadn’t been released before this point.

This time, Gurmeet Sajan must realize that he will not be a box-office hit even if he manages to deliver quality content unless the picture is well promoted. As a result, success is only a matter of time when coupled with strong marketing efforts.

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