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Top 9 Upcoming Expressways in India

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India is a developing nation, and the same can be said of its road system. The country’s road network is the third largest in the world after all. Both the United States of America and China are currently in the number one and number two spots, respectively. The expansion of the road network in India is progressing at a phenomenal rate, and the country may soon overtake both the United States and China to claim the top spot.

With its network of national roads, motorways, overpasses, and expressways, India has an extensive road system that links even its most remote villages to the country’s most populous cities.

Along the new motorways and expressways that are now under construction, the government is working to ensure that the necessary services and conveniences, such as emergency response booths, video surveillance, speed traps, police, and ambulances, are available.

It’s possible that Internet of Things (IoT) technology may soon be used in India to make traveling by road more comfortable and secure. When advanced technologies such as AI and big data are utilized, driving will become both more secure and more productive.

At the moment, India’s primary goal is to achieve world-class status in every aspect. This will be reflected in the construction of its forthcoming expressways.

We go over the top 9 proposed expressways in India and provide you with information on when, where, and how these expressways will be constructed. But before we get into it, let’s have a better understanding of what an expressway is and how it differs from a highway.

What exactly is an expressway?

Expressways are highways that have been constructed specifically for the use of high-speed vehicles. The entrances and exits of these types of roadways are governed by ramps, and their construction ensures that no other expressways may pass over them.

This is done to ensure that no mishaps take place. A grade separation, ramps, an elevated part, and lane dividers are the components that make up an expressway. Expressways in India typically include six or twelve lanes of traffic.

With a total length of 302 kilometers, the Agra Lucknow Expressway has the title of being India’s longest expressway that is currently in use. The existing feathers in the cap of the Indian road network will be adorned with these planned expressways.

What makes an expressway distinct from a regular highway is its faster speed.

Highways are distinct from expressways in that they only have two or four lanes, whereas expressways often have between six and ten lanes.

One other distinction is that expressways often feature regulated traffic, which means that cars may only enter from specific locations. On the other hand, there are a number of roads that, at various times, combine to become highways.

Top 9 Upcoming Expressways in the Country of India

The following is a list of expressways that are expected to be finished during the course of the following several years.

1. Delhi–Mumbai Expressway

As a part of the Bharatmala Pariyojana, the Delhi–Mumbai Expressway is now under construction. It is a portion of phase 1 that extends over 1350 kilometers in total length.

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has set a target date of 2023 for the completion of the expressway. This expressway is distinguished from others in that it provides victims of collisions with 93 rest areas and trauma centers every 100 kilometers, and it also has trauma centers every 100 kilometers.

The sound of horns and sirens will be replaced with the sound of instrumental music so as not to disturb the animals in India. Additionally, it will be the first highway between Delhi and Mumbai to have a total of 12 helipads along the route.

These helipads will be utilized for a variety of purposes, including defense-related activities, medical crises, and other activities. Four of them will be constructed in Dausa, six in Sawai Madhopur, and two in Kota. When the expressway is fully operational, the distance between Delhi and Mumbai will be traversed in 12.5 hours less than it is currently.

  • The total cost of the project: Rs 1 lakh crore 
  • The total length of the project: 1350 km
  • Lanes: 8, can be expanded to 12
  • Speed Limit: 120 Kmph
  • Completion deadline: 2023
  • Owner of the expressway: NHAI

2. Dwarka Expressway

The urban expressway in India was raised for the first eight lanes, which connected Mahipalpur in Delhi to Kherki Daula Toll Plaza in Haryana.

The Dwarka expressway would cut down on the amount of traffic that is on NH-8 and will be utilized by 3 lakh passengers every day. The total length of the project is 29.10 kilometers, with 18.9 kilometers located in Gurgaon and 10.1 kilometers located in Delhi.

An Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is utilized on the expressway in order to deliver information to drivers on travel time, delays, speed, road accidents, route changes, and work zone areas. In addition, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has proposed a metro line that will run parallel to the highway, which is now undergoing clearance.

  • The cost of the project is expected to be Rs 8,662 crores.
  • Expressway is 29.10 kilometers long; there are 8 general lanes and 1 local lane.
  • Completion deadline: 2022

3. Narmada Expressway

The Narmada Expressway is an eight-lane highway project that is currently in the planning stages. It is intended to connect the east-west route in the state of Madhya Pradesh and would run parallel to the well-known Narmada River.

The city of Amarkantak in eastern Madhya Pradesh will be connected to the cities of Jabalpur, Alirajpur, and Dindori in western Madhya Pradesh via a greenfield highway project.

The state of Chhattisgarh and the state of Gujarat will be connected by the highway. To complete the connection between Ahmedabad and Alirajpur, an expansion of the existing highway is going to be built.

The National Highways Authority of India has predicted that the Narmada Expressway will cost a total of Rs 31,000 Crore to build.

4. Expressway of the Bundelkhand

Top 9 Upcoming Expressways in India

The Bundelkhand Highway is a four-lane highway that runs from Etawah’s Gonda hamlet to the Kudrail villages.

Through the Yamuna expressway, it is planned to connect Bundelkhand with the Greater Delhi Area. It is an expressway that is restricted for access and extends for 296 kilometers long. The total cost of the project is expected to be Rs 14,716 crores.

  • The total cost of the project is 14,716 crores of rupees.
  • Project’s total length is 296.070 kilometers; the number of lanes is four but can be increased to six.
  • Completion deadline: 2022

5. Expressway of the Purvanchal

Top 9 Upcoming Expressways in India

The Purvanchal Expressway is a road that starts in the village of Chand Sarai in Lucknow and ends in the city of Ghazipur.

It is 343 kilometers long. It traverses several important districts like Barabanki, Amethi, Sultanpur, Ayodhya, and Ambedkarnagar. Additionally, it encourages people to travel to religious destinations such as Varanasi, Ayodhya, and Gorakhpur.

  • The total cost of the project is Rs. 22,496 billion.
  • Project’s total length is 340.824 kilometers; there will be six lanes.
  • The completion date has been pushed back to 2021.
  • Engineering, procurement, and construction are the three phases of this project type.

6. The Bangalore-Chennai Expressway

Top 9 Upcoming Expressways in India

It is going to be a significant new highway in the southern part of India. Expressways of this width link Bangalore and Chennai, the respective capital cities of the core states of southern India’s Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The Stretch spans a total distance of 260 kilometers, connecting Hoskote and Bangarpet in the state of Karnataka, Palamaner and Chittoor in the state of Andhra Pradesh, and Sriperumbudur in the state of Tamil Nadu.

It will cut the distance in half, from 100 km to 50 km, and cars will be able to travel at a speed of 120 km/h.

  • 17,000 crores of rupees is the total cost of the project.
  • Total Length of the Project: 260.85 kilometers Lanes: 4 (with room for 8 more)
  • The completion deadline has not yet been determined.
  • NHAI is the authority.

7. Raipur–Visakhapatnam Expressway

This six-lane highway covers 464 kilometers (NH-130CD and EC-15) and is a component of the corridor that connects Raipur and Vishakhapatnam.

It traverses the red corridor in the states of Chhattisgarh, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh, which are located in the middle and east central regions of India. The trip time will be cut in half, from 14 hours down to 7, and the distance traveled will be cut in half as well, from 590 kilometers down to 464 kilometers.

  • Cost of the project in its entirety: 20,000 billion rupees
  • The whole distance of the project is 464.662 kilometers, and there will be six lanes.
  • Completion deadline: 2025
  • Owner: NHAI
  • The Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM) is the project’s model.

8. Expressway from Delhi to Amritsar and Katra

There is a 650-kilometer highway that connects Delhi, Amritsar, and Katra. The Bahadurgarh Border in Delhi is where it begins, and it ends at Katra in Jammu and Kashmir.

Nokadar, Amritsar, and Gurdaspur are going to be the primary cities that are addressed in this article. Additionally, the Mata Vaishno Devi temple and the Golden Temple, both of which are considered sacred by both Hindus and Sikhs, are connected by this four-lane road, which helps to increase religious tourism.

On the highway, amenities such as trauma centers for the treatment of medical crises, ambulances on call, fire departments in the surrounding area, recreational facilities, traffic police, bus bays, truck stops, and restaurants are constructed.

  • The initial phase of the project would cost Rs. 25,000 billion.
  • The total length of the project is around 650 kilometers, while the length of the major expressway is approximately 550 kilometers.
  • Lanes: 4 (expandable to 8)
  • The project will be finished in October of 2023.
  • The National Highway Authority of India is in charge of this.
  • The Expressway of India is a highway system.

9. Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway

Although the Ahmedabad-Dholera Expressway wasn’t given the go-ahead until 2019, it was first proposed in 2010. Between Sardar Patel Ring Road in Sarkhej and Dholera International Airport in Navagam, this large highway features four lanes and connects both locations.

In addition, the Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) is connected via this road. As part of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project (DMIC), the acquisition of land for this highway, which would stretch for 109 kilometers, was finished in the year 2020.

Sadbhav Engineering, GVH India, and DRA Infracon are responsible for the construction of the expressway.

  • Approximately three thousand billion rupees will be spent on the project.
  • The overall distance of the project is 109.019 kilometers.
  • Lanes: 4
  • The project will be finished in March of 2023.
  • NHAI is the authority.
  • EPC stands for “engineering, procurement, and construction” and is a model for projects.

The Agra–Lucknow Expressway, which is now the longest in the world, has been surpassed in length by the vast majority of these highways. It is beyond a doubt that these expressways will be of great assistance in moving India’s road network into either first or second place in the globe. Additionally, the completion of these projects will contribute to the general improvement of the economy of the nation. Because of all of these expressways, both the distance and the amount of time needed to travel will be drastically cut down. I hope you have a pleasant and uneventful journey.

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