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Top 7 Best Institutes for IELTS Coaching Classes in Mansa

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For students wishing to study abroad, Amritsar has a large number of IELTS Coaching Institutes. We’ve created a list of the top coaching courses in Mansa to help you locate the best of the finest institutes for IELTS test preparation in Amritsar.

Check out this list of the top 7 best IELTS preparation courses. All the components of the IELTS test, whether speaking, writing, reading, or listening, have been a deep focus of the curriculum by each coaching facility in Amritsar under the best faculty instruction.

Amritsar’s Best IELTS Coaching Institutes

We’ve created a list of the top IELTS training centers in Mansa, their addresses, phone numbers, and an estimate of their costs, to make your search easier.

So here are the Top 7 IELTS Institutes Mansa

1. Brightworld IELTS Institute, Mansa

Brightworld IELTS

Brightworld IELTS offers both IELTS & PTE courses in only Online made Mansa. (In-Class only at their Gurdaspur Branch).

The fee for IELTS is Rs. 9,999 for a 1-month course. If a student has certain band requirements or he/she wishes to pursue his training for more than 1 month, then the 2-month option is available for ₹ 18,999 and 3 months option for Rs. 25,999.

The fee for PTE at Brightworld IELTS Institute is ₹ 9,999 for 1 month and Rs. 18,999 for a 2-month PTE course.

Course Duration: The normal duration for both IELTS & PTE classes at Brightworld Amritsar is for 1 month. The courses are divided into modules and special attention is given to that module in which a student is weak so as to attain the maximum possible overall IELTS band / PTE score.

Specialty: Located in an SCO at Gurdaspur, Brightworld has state-of-art spacious classrooms for IELTS and PTE One-to-One training. The best thing about this Gurdaspur-based institute is that they have experienced trainers who are not just experts in their subject but are also very helpful.

The teaching methodology, study material, nominal fee, awesome infrastructure & personal attention given to each student makes Brightworld IELTS rank at the top of our list among IELTS / PTE institutes in Mansa.

Address:SCO 31-32, Behalplex, Opp Military Canteen, Hardochani Road, Gurdaspur, Punjab 143521.
Contact no: 8288817321
Timing:Mon-Sat (10:00 AM – 5:00 PM)
Website: https://www.brightworld.in
Online Course Fee:Rs. 6999 for 1 month. Rs. 12,999 for 2 months and Rs. 19,999 for 3 Months.

2. IELTS Snowberg, Mansa

Additionally, this institute has remarkable facilities and infrastructure. Knowledgeable IELTS trainers and counselors will promptly guide students to obtain their IELTS scores. Additionally, each student will receive individualized attention at this school, and anyone who wishes to take additional subjects may do so without incurring additional costs.

Specialty: Snowberg is the most well-known IELTS tutoring center in Mansa, with excellent outcomes and knowledgeable personnel.

Additionally, it offers unique sessions taught by an Australian professional with more than ten years of IELTS and PTE expertise, with results and satisfaction guarantees of 100 percent.

Students will also learn the English language in-depth, beginning with the fundamentals. With all these advantages, Snowberg IELTS Institute ranks among Mansa’s top IELTS/PTE teaching facilities.

Location: Main Barnala Road, Tinkoni, 151505 Punjab

Phone number: 72-200-67-200

One of Mansa’s top centers for IELTS and PTE is Snowberg. They provide their pupils with high-quality training sessions.

3. American Institute of English Language

One of the top schools in Mansa offering English and IELTS lessons is the American Institute of English Language. They provide a range of high-quality courses, such as IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, GRE, French language training, and Kidz courses with cartoons, movies, quizzes, and other fun things. Their qualified instructors help students develop fluent English speaking skills.

Specialties: Lifetime membership, flexible scheduling, professionally skilled trainers, monitoring of pupils through evaluations.

Location: Opposite Vinod Pharma, Khoo Wali Gali, Gaushala Road, Mansa, Punjab, India

Contact: (01652) 321112 / 9463895143

Course duration: 3 months

4. English Villa IELTS Classes

The senior trainer at The English Villa, an IELTS center in Mansa, has more than 17 years of expertise. They provide their pupils with IELTS instruction in a particular method.

They also give poor pupils individualized instruction and offer comments to help them improve their IELTS skills. Additionally, they concentrate on the student’s vocabulary and grammar. Many students who received IELTS instruction from this center could get 7+ and 8+ bands.

Staff with training, a calm setting, and sessions with lots of interaction are specialties. Additionally, they provide special nighttime classes and give the pupils books or study guides.

Location: English villa street opposite Mata Sundari girls college, Mansa, Punjab region, India

Contact: 094652 35568

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5. Grey Matters Mansa 

In each of its centers, Grey Matters offers professional IELTS tutoring services. In addition to IELTS, they also deal with spoken English, PTE, and student visas.

They want to give students high-caliber English communication abilities, so they may easily pass the IELTS exam and pursue their dreams of studying abroad. One-month and two-month courses are offered at the Grey Matters IELTS institution. However, there is no demo class option before enrolment.

Specialty: The Grey Matters IELTS center in Mansa offers flexible scheduling, knowledgeable instructors, daily group discussions, and mock exams every Saturday.

Location: Link Road, near Tinkoni chowk, Guru Arjun Dev Nagar, Khalsa, Mansa, Punjab 151505

Contact:  0165 222 7079

Other branches:  Amritsar, Mohali, Patiala, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Bathinda, Moga, Karnal, Sangrur

6. Life Solution Link

An IELTS center in Mansa called Life Solution Link offers 1- and 2-month IELTS coaching sessions. They have qualified instructors who know what the students need for the band and instruct them properly.

Additionally, they provide many classrooms for pupils of various grade levels. The student’s primary goal is to be prepared with the most up-to-date teaching techniques in each module of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Specialty: Special attention is paid to the weaker students, supportive instructors, high-quality instruction, and reasonable tuition. The class meets from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday through Saturday.

Location:  New Court Road, Opp.Mata Sundri Girls College, Mansa, Punjab 151505

Contact:  098782 22133

7. Touchstone Educationals Mansa

The Touchstone Educational IELTS fee schedule is as follows: Depending on the course length, they have various cost schemes. The cost is Rs. 14,900 for a one-month course and Rs. 21,500 for a two-month study. Students can also prolong their system if they need additional experience.

One of Mansa’s well-known institutions is Touchstone Educationals, which also has several more branches. Additionally, they have received recognition from the IDP for excellence in IELTS preparation for nine straight years.

This school in 17 cities is offering thirty-two excellent classes. The Touchstone IELTS Institute adheres to a top-notch teaching methodology with highly skilled instructors. Trainers offer recommendations for course length based on students’ knowledge levels, which range from beginner to advanced.

Specialty: They provide several batches, first-rate classroom facilities, free study materials for the most recent IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL exams, and mock exams every Saturday to gauge students’ level of understanding.

Address:First Floor Above Sidhu TVS Near Tinkoni, Sirsa Road Mansa, Punjab 151505, INDIA
Contact no:+91 172 500 0060
Timing:Mon-Sat(8:00 AM – 7:00 PM)
IELTS Course Fee at Shepherds Ludhiana: 5,000 – 28,000 INR (Online) 
20,000 – 28,000 INR (Offline)

Disclaimer: The list is prepared as per the latest Reviews and Student Reviews collected online. Readers are encouraged to choose an institution from the following list that meets their specific needs and preferences. When it comes to pursuing IELTS training in Mansa, we suggest that our readers get in connection with the relevant institution to learn more about the pricing structure and IELTS course time.

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