Top 10 Songs Karan Aujla

There is no doubt that Karan Aujla is a rising star in the Punjabi music industry. There are a lot of songs that he has sung throughout his life. There are a lot of big hits.

Here are Karan Aujla’s 10 greatest hits. All of us like Punjabi music, and these songs, in particular, are fantastic. These are some of my favorite tunes. We will list the top 10 Karan Aujla songs below.

Top 10 Best Songs Karan Aujla

1Chitta KurtaKaran Aujla255,982,7421,815,150103,151
2Kya Baat AaKaran Aujla240,401,1432,425,259561,681
3GuiltyInder Chahal Ft Karan Aujla197,123,5572,640,21979,861
4Dont WorryKaran Aujla160,992,6101,136,61036,969
5JhanjarKaran Aujla156,489,7551,679,96862,813
6Dont LookKaran Aujla149,706,0761,453,51042,692
7AdhiyaKaran Aujla138,327,9991,679,483432,958
8Haan Haige AaKaran Aujla132,371,5051,486,543239,960
9ChithiyaanKaran Aujla122,785,6611,721,481245,443
10HintKaran Aujla118,929,4461,020,27531,942

1. Chitta Kurta

Karan Aujla and Gurlez Akhtar collaborated on the song CHITTA KURTA SONG, which he claims responds to the song Dhakka by Sidhu Moose Wala. Singer-songwriter Sukh Sanghera records and directs the video for Chitta Kurta Lyrics with Karan Johar. Deep Jandu is a musician and songwriter.

2. Kya Baat Aa

Karan Aujla betrays Tania in the song by having an affair with another lady. He thinks no one will ever find out what he’s doing. On the other hand, Tania makes certain that Karan is aware that he has been caught in the act when the truth is revealed to her.

3. Guilty

Karan Aujla’s Guilty lyrics are included in the latest Punjabi single by Inder Chahal featuring T-Series. Karan Aujla and Shraddha Arya have collaborated on a new song. Karan Aujla wrote the words and music for Guilty, which was produced by Proof and directed by Team Last Page (SK).

4. Don’t Worry

On YouTube, the song has been seen more than 94 million times. This was Karan Aujla’s first single, and it launched his career in the Punjabi music scene.

5. Jhanjar

This is Karan Aujla’s song Jhanjar, which he wrote and sang. Desi Crew created the music for the song, which Aujla penned. Tru Makers was in charge of directing the song video. The song was released on Aujla’s birthday, January 18th, 2020, and was produced by Sandeep Rehaan under the Rehaan Records label.

It climbed to the top of many YouTube music rankings when the song was released. It came in at No. 26 on the global YouTube weekly music rankings and No. 8 in India.

6. Don’t Look

Karan Aujla wrote the song and lyrics, and Rupan Bal and Rubbal GTR directed the video. YouTube statistics show that this song video has had more than 56 million views.

7. Adhiya

The official video for the song Adhiya was released by Street Gang Music, collaborating with Sky Digital. Proof provides the music for this new Punjabi song, written and sung by Karan Aujla and directed by B2gether Pros.

8. Haan Haige Aa

The new cast of Haan Haige Aa Karan Aujla has been announced. Karan Aujla’s latest Punjabi song, Haan Haige Aa, has a cast listing on, so check it out. Rehaan Records’ youtube channel will post the song Haan Haige Aa on July 26, 2020.

9. Chithiyaan

A Punjabi song authored by Karan Aujla and arranged by Desi Crew, Chithiyaan has lyrics penned by Karan Aujla. Tanu Grewal stars in a music video for Speed Records.

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10. Hint

Popular Karan Aujla-Katie Batres’s song Hint was released in 2012. Karan Aujla sings, and Sandeep Rehaan produces the song. Uploaded to the Rehaan Records YouTube account in 2019, the song was released in 2019. There have been over 110 million views and 950 thousand likes on the video.

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