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    Top 10 Eye Care Hospitals In Amritsar

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    Amritsar has a number of excellent eye hospitals. Find the best eye care hospitals in Amritsar if you have visual difficulties like blind spots or cataracts that prevent you from living your best life.

    Here is a list of the top 10 Eye Care Hospitals In Amritsar, all of them are conveniently located near popular tourist destinations to save you time and effort.

    Top 10 Eye Care Hospitals In Amritsar

    1. Fortis Escorts

    The Fortis Escorts Hospital in Amritsar is a well-known multi-specialty facility that serves the people of Amritsar and the surrounding areas, including Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. It is one of the hospitals that is considered to be among the best in the world.

    The institution, which first opened its doors in 2003 as a heart hospital, currently includes more than thirty different medical specialties, with a particular emphasis on cardiac science, orthopedics and joint replacement, neurology, urology, geroscience, oncology, critical care, mention just a few of them.

    Amritsar, known as the “golden city,” is also home to a location of Fortis, one of the most renowned and comprehensive medical facilities in all of India.

    Fortis started business in Amritsar in 2003 and quickly rose to the top of the industry there within a few short years. It covers an area of 5 hectares and contains a total of 156 beds among its various accommodations.

    Fortis Hospital Amritsar, which has received accreditation from NABH, features 56 intensive care unit beds in addition to its 26 specialized treatment areas under one roof.

    It includes a wide range of specializations, some of which include cardiovascular surgery, cardiology, otolaryngology, dermatology, laparoscopy, metabolic surgery, diabetes, endocrinology, gastrointestinal, mental health, hepatobiliary sciences, medical oncology, internal medicine, cosmetology, and many more.

    • Phone number: 9915133330
    • Address: Majitha-Verka by Pass Road, Amritsar

    2. IVY Hospital

    Ivy Healthcare Group was established as a consequence of the bravery of Mr. Gurtej Singh and his wife, Dr. Kanwaldeep, as well as their ambitious objectives and inventive ideas to make high-quality medical treatment more readily available and inexpensive.

    An endeavor that significantly altered the way healthcare was provided in the region. They have been successful in developing a workable business model and have increased both the availability and affordability of medical treatment.

    Ivy Healthcare Group is a testament to the fact that Punjab contains some of the best patient care facilities in the country. Ivy Hospitals stand out as one of the most sought-after and trusted health institutes in North India because they prioritize compassion above profit, provide high-quality medical care with cutting-edge technology at reasonable costs, and have earned a reputation for being among the best hospitals in the region.

    In the group’s six locations, a large number of complex cases and surgical procedures are carried out thanks to the team of highly qualified and experienced physicians who come from the finest institutes in the country.

    All of the institutions comply with NABH standards, and the majority of hospitals in India have earned NABH certification, which is the country’s most stringent quality standard accreditation for hospitals.

    Mohali Hospital, the institution’s flagship facility, opened its doors in 2007 with the pledge to serve everyone in the community with respect and to provide high-quality medical care accessible to people of all ages and walks of life.

    The organization is presently responsible for providing medical care to more than 200,000 patients on an annual basis. Its six locations combine to house roughly 1,100 beds and more than 25 super specialties.

    • Phone number: 9988823456
    • Address: DR Enclave, Raja Sansi Road, Amritsar

    3. KD Hospital

    The construction of the hospital was undertaken with the intention of bestowing onto the community cutting-edge amenities that were, at the time, essentially non-existent.

    It began as a medical, surgical, and gynecological institution, but it quickly gained a reputation for its laparoscopic surgery, pediatric surgery, and treatment of infertility. The first neurosurgical procedure was performed at the K.D. hospital in July of 2002.

    There was a significant advance in medical technology when neurosurgery was first introduced. At the moment, it is the best center for neurosurgery neurology, and pediatrics close to the state-of-the-art intensive care unit, C.CU, N.I.C.U., UCIP, and stroke intensive care units offer state-of-the-art treatments for diabetes, heart disease, and liver disease. C.CU, N.I.C.U., UCIP, and stroke intensive care units have state-of-the-art treatments for stroke patients.

    It is equipped with a reputable department that specializes in both general and laparoscopic surgery. KD Initially, there were just 35 patient beds available, and Dr. Kuldeep Singh Arora was the only proprietor of the hospital.

    K.D. Ganesha Hospital Pvt. Ltd. was the limited company that Dr. Kuldeep Singh created in October 2008, and the hospital was transferred to the firm with Dr. Kuldeep Singh Arora serving as CEO.

    At the moment, it functions as a hospital with 80 beds. The growth of the facility is ongoing, and very soon it will become a hospital that has more than one hundred beds and five specialist OTs.

    A hospital with the uplifting chant “Whoever comes here comes back happy, healthy, and satisfied” as its slogan.

    • Address: 7-Circular Road, Near Government Medical College, Amritsar
    • Telephone number: +91-98766-96677
    • Email address:
    • Location: Amritsar

    4. Parvati Devi Hospital

    The Smt. Parvati Devi Hospital has the potential to be a center of excellence because it provides cutting-edge medical care, innovative technology, and contemporary facilities that are all part of a comprehensive and smoothly integrated system.

    The provision of first-rate medical care to average citizens is their primary mission and focus. It is clear that Smt Parvati Devi Hospital was an innovator in the field of healthcare when it first opened its doors.

    Because this is the Best eye care hospitals in Amritsar, every department has the best team of medical specialists possible. These professionals have years of expertise and a burning desire to save as many lives as they can by administering the most sophisticated and effective therapies.

    They are committed to consistently enhancing their therapies in the hopes of assisting patients in leading better lives and maintaining their status as a premier supplier of medical care.

    They have established new standards with their medical treatment providers in the region as a result of their adherence to hygienic standards and their efforts to increase the grade of healthcare services.

    They have always been able to effectively meet the requisite criteria, which is one of the reasons why they are considered to be among the top NABH-approved hospitals in Amritsar.

    • Phone number: 9592192192
    • Email address: info@Parvatihospital.Com
    • Address: A-Block, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab
    • Location: Punjab

    5. EMC Hospital

    If the EMC is not included, a list of the best hospitals in Amritsar cannot be considered complete. It first opened its doors in 2003 with a hospital that had 55 beds, but today it has more than 250 beds spread among three separate hospitals in the region.

    EMC was the largest hospital in the Indian state of Punjab, and its staff consisted of over 600 qualified medical experts in total. The hospital sees a combined total of 35,000 people from the surrounding areas each and every year for medical treatment.

    In addition, it provides services and facilities in the areas of cardiac science, nephrology, critical care, gastroenterology and hepatology, microvascular surgery, orthopedics, joint replacement, general and laparoscopic surgery, and many more.

    When a patient checks into one of the EMC hospitals, they will find that the facility is outfitted with the most up-to-date technology and medical equipment available.

    • Phone number: 98143-50704
    • Address: 87, Green Avenue, Mall Road, Amritsar
    • Email-

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    6. The Amandeep Hospital

     best Eye Care Hospitals In Amritsar

    The Amandeep Hospital is one of the best Eye Care Hospitals In Amritsar has likewise developed into the most well-regarded medical facility in the city. Dr. Amandeep Kaur and Avtar Singh founded the organization in 1990 with a small hospital that had just five beds.

    Since then, the hospital in Amritsar has expanded to become a multi-specialty facility with two hundred beds. It first opened its doors as a specialized orthopedic facility and trauma center, but over the years it has evolved into Amritsar’s premier multipurpose hospital.

    Otorhinolaryngology, Joint Prostheses, Head and Neck Cancer, Spinal Neurosurgery and, Physiotherapy, Intensive Care Medicine, Orthopedics, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Arthroscopy, Anesthesia, Minimal Access Surgery, and other procedures are some of the therapies that are provided by this facility, which is staffed by a team of highly qualified medical professionals.

    The mission of the Amandeep Group of Hospitals, which includes both the medical professionals and the support team, is to save every single life.

    It maintains a cutting-edge medical infrastructure and distinguishes itself as a center of excellence by providing cutting-edge therapies and highly trained medical professionals.

    The Amandeep Hospital, headquartered in Amritsar and also operating out of Pathankot and Jammu, is a multi-specialty facility that provides high-quality medical care in a wide variety of clinical settings.

    • The address is Model Town, GT Road, Amritsar, and the
    • phone number is 0183-5051515.

    7. Pulse Hospital

    In Amritsar, Pulse Hospital is widely regarded as one of the awesome Eye Care Hospitals In Amritsar available, and it provides first-rate care at surprisingly affordable prices.

    Since its founding in 2013, it has developed into one of the most reputable hospitals in Amritsar in terms of the services it provides. Offers the greatest possible standard of clinical skill as well as caring.

    Patients can receive treatment in a variety of medical specialties at this hospital, including endocrinology, neurology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, laparoscopic surgery, plastic and microvascular surgery, and more, thanks to the hospital’s staff of the most qualified physicians in the city. Even facilitates the transfusion of medicine for people in need for a period of up to twenty-four hours.

    In each department of each patient care facility, there are eight OPD cameras, and each of these cameras is made available to the corresponding specialist.

    Within the pharmacy, the facility is staffed by professional pharmacy personnel, and it has all of the required drugs and equipment for both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

    The dining area is at your disposal for the consumption of sanitary meals as suggested by experts. There are constantly more than one hundred medical professionals, including paramedics and nursing personnel, accessible to deliver their services to patients.

    • Address: Maqbool Pura Chowk (Near Petrol Pump), Mehta Road, Amritsar
    • Telephone numbers: 7508913150

    8. Surjit Hospital

    In 1997, a group of individuals who were interested in various medical specializations established the hospital that bears their names. The hospital was established by a group of medical professionals who wanted to create a “Hospitality Hospital with the most modern infrastructure.

    ” The reliability of the hospital is increased thanks to its extremely experienced doctors and its committed and skilled medical personnel. In addition to providing cancer treatment in Amritsar, Surjit Hospital offers a wide range of other medical specialties, including obstetrics and gynecology, plastic surgery and reconstruction, ophthalmology, ENT, pediatrics, hematology, oncology, gynecology, hematology, and oncology, as well as medicine.

    It provides a remedy that has proven to be rather lucrative.

    The hospital provides a comprehensive variety of services aimed at improving patient satisfaction while maintaining the highest possible standards of medical treatment. “hospital with hospitality and the most modern infrastructure” is the motto of this establishment.

    Medical professionals and paramedical workers are highly skilled, devoted, experienced, and qualified in their fields. The therapy is administered with cutting-edge methods that are not prohibitively expensive, and free checkup camps are held at predetermined intervals.

    • Email:
    • Address: 1, Jujhar Singh Avenue, Airport Road, Gumtala, Amritsar, India
    • Telephone: 81464 66377

    9. Hospital for Mothers and Babies Beri

    The BMH first opened its doors in 1998 and has since grown to become one of the most reputable maternity hospitals in the area. In addition to maternity care, it provides treatment for concerns such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), and surrogacy.

    This headquartered hospital gives treatments in obstetrics, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, infertility, and a great deal more. Also, with a team of competent and experienced doctors, the hospital is able to achieve this.

    Since its founding in 2002, the center has assisted hundreds of couples in realizing their goal of becoming parents by means of a variety of assisted reproductive technologies and techniques including IVF, ICSI, IUI, and Surrogacy.

    Having the distinction of being Amritsar’s only FOGSI-approved center for the treatment of infertility and IUI training. The facility adheres to the highest standards of policy practices and provides its IVF patients with only the highest quality medications, disposables, and media that are currently on the market.

    The facility has its own in-house staff of six fertility specialists that work around the clock, in addition to its own in-house team of embryologists who work independently.

    • Address – GT Road, Putlighar, Amritsar
    • Phone no – 9501491135
    • Email- berihospitalamritsar@admincom

    10. Altec Hospital

    The hospital can be reached without much difficulty and has a sufficient number of parking spots, which may either be used by patients or by visitors to the facility.

    The Altec Hospital is located in an area that has a large number of well-known restaurants, hotels, and retail complexes, in addition to all of the food shops that are required for shopping.

    At Altec Hospital, which prides itself on being the best private hospital in Amritsar, we make it a point to put the ease and satisfaction of our patients as the top priority at every point throughout their stay at the facility.

    They are dedicated to providing patients with an experience that is as uniform as possible throughout their time as their guests, beginning with scheduling an appointment and ending with their discharge.

    The knowledgeable medical staff at Altec Hospital is another source of pride for the facility. They feel that the credentials and backgrounds of their professionals should be shown not only on their official website but also on the premises of the hospital itself.

    They think that it is easier for patients to meet the doctors who will treat them in one of the best obstetrics and gynecology hospitals in Amritsar and that patients feel secure and comfortable approaching them and receiving their treatment. Furthermore, they believe that it is easier for patients to meet the physicians who will treat them in one of the top hospitals in Amritsar.

    • Address: Ranjit Avenue Service Lane, B-Block, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab
    • Telephone number: +91 9855596312
    • Email address:

    If you ever have any eye-related problems, we recommend that you seek treatment at one of these 10 top-notch eye care hospitals in Punjab. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to us by filling out the contact form on this page or by visiting us directly.

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