The Shepherd International Movie Based on Farmers Protest Announced!

A New Film Has Been Released! Another film has been added to the Punjabi movies list to be released shortly. The Shepherd is an international feature film based on the protests of Indian farmers.

Sunny Dhinsey wrote and directed the film, which Numen Pictures put together. Manu Saini is one of the actors in the film. Dips Goraya is another.

MOTION POSTER EXCLUSIVE! has been released on Instagram by the film’s producers. First look at THE SHEPHERD. This work has received huge international support and attention. We inform you that THE SHEPHERD will be released GLOBALLY in 2022. “Keep an eye out for more exciting news shortly!”

In addition to the NRI Sikhs, celebrities like Rihanna and Greta Thunberg came out to support the farmers’ protest. It is based on a real-life conflict our farmers had that year.

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A whole feature film has been made only for this topic. On the Singhu border of Delhi, the protest camp will serve as the shooting site for the filming of this story.

To be released in cinemas and on streaming services this year, creators expect it to be a thrilling voyage into the heart of a protest that has captivated the whole globe!

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