Takhatgarh Web Series Review

The first episode of Takhatgarh, a new web series released just a day ago, is here, and we’ll tell you all about it!

As a result, here’s the first episode of the OTT web series Takhatgarh, starring Dheeraj Kumar, Ashish Duggal, Malkit Roni, Paramvir Singh, Nitu Pandher, Surinder Singh, and others. Pali Sandhu, Rimple Dhindsa and Vicky Lakhwinder Lakha

Web Series NameTakhatgarh
Written & DirectedBaljeet Noor
StarringDheeraj Kumar, Ashish Duggal, Malkeet Rauni,Paramveer Singh, Neetu Pandher, Suvinder Vicky, Lakhwinder, Pali Sandhu, Rimple Dhindsa, Harman Dhilon, Raj Jodhan, Neet Mahal
Produced ByKuldeep Dhaliwal (USA), Gurdeep Dhaliwal (USA), Gurjit Singh Dhaliwal
SingersNachhatar Gill, Gurdas Gill, Manjeet Nikki, Sidhu
Vfx & Visual PromotionClap Studioz

Jigra (Brave) is the title of the series’ first episode. Dheeraj Kumar’s opening shot is undeniably great, but the voice-over immediately ruins my mood. Once again, take a moment to consider the preceding statement before making any further comments…

Because he is a Punjabi actor, his ability to speak Hindi is subpar.

Cast a Hindi actor instead, and either create an excellent web series in proper Hindi or completely reimagine the idea in Punjabi.

It’s also important to note that the script has problems with flow and coherence, as there are jumps between scenes that don’t make sense. Regarding the project’s cast, the plethora of Punjabi actors, such as Dheeraj Kumar, Ashish Duggal, Malkit Roni, and Lakhwinder Lakha, should not be overlooked.

Since we believe this series would have been better in Punjabi because the vocabulary does not match the dialect, this is a major shift for us.

Slow-motion pictures in this episode detract from the overall atmosphere of the series. It’s impossible to tell the film’s plot from the director’s perspective. We all know that this refers to Takhtgarh, a district in Bathinda surrounded by all the political intrigue. For there is still much to tell in this tale

While Bathinda is a city located at the junction of Haryana, Punjab, and Rajasthan, the story provides some context for some of the individuals. When they mention Bathinda, the places displayed are in Chandigarh or Mohali!

People who live in these cities have a different take on things than those who aren’t, and this is a diversion from the plot. The cast and parts are excellent, including Dheeraj Kumar, Ashish Duggal, and Malkit Rooney, who all did outstanding work in previous films.

But the fact that this series does not utilize the performers’ full talent is a waste of time and insulting to them.


Aside from the narrative, cinematography, and directional signals, we can infer that even viewing one show’s episode feels like a chore. Language is a huge hurdle to capturing viewers. Happens. Waiting for the rest is not an option.

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