Superman Pushups World Record in 30 Seconds Set by Kuwar Amritbir Singh

Kuwar Amritbir Singh, a Sikh, has set a new world record by doing 35 maximum Superman Push-Ups in 30 seconds. It will be made official on September 26, 2020, when this world record is established.

District Gurdaspur’s hamlet of Umarwala is home to Amritbir Singh. In India, he’s a well-known fitness guru known for his Superman Pushups.

The date of Amritbir’s birth is November 4, 2001. At the age of 19, he has become one of Punjab’s most prominent fitness advocates. But, tell me, how does he see being an athlete?

During the time I was a teenager. I was active in all of my school’s extracurricular activities, notably in athletics and theatre, and I also read biographies of famous people. At a very early age, I wanted to place my name among the most famous people in the world.

As a result, I embarked on a fitness adventure as an all-arounder. And in sports, at the regional, state, and national levels. But in +1 I chose non-medical streams for the potential and considered my parents as well.

Because math is the foundation of everything I do, I’ve always struggled with it. A compartment in the +2 final exam was also earned.

How did Kumar Amritbir Singh make the World Record?

In addition to my coursework, Amritbir Singh started researching a number of world records and viewing Punjabi movies. He noted that there isn’t a Sikh action hero in the movies. In the past, I used to just watch Tiger Shroff and Akshay Kumar. In Punjab, we don’t have heroes like these.

Amritbir Singh is highly attracted by John Abraham and wants to improve an actor as well. After that, he began looking into the world’s best times. I was able to identify him as Ron Cooper, a US citizen. 89 superman pushups in one minute, and then began training.

In the first round, Kuwar Amritbir managed to score 82, but it wasn’t enough. His request was that I put the point at 85 before setting a record, but my first effort was denied because of my push-up tactics.

The official’s refusal devastated me, and I began to suspect that they were acting unfairly against Ron because he is a citizen of their nation.


Rather than accusing others of wrongdoing, he decided to take a moment to reflect on his own actions. I realized that I needed to work on myself, so I pushed myself even harder to reach my objective and enhance my skills.

Eventually, after a grueling four-month effort. I set a new world record by doing 118 knock-push push-ups in one minute.

As a result, his second-best was 35 consecutive seconds of Superman Push-Ups. I am the first and only Sikh to hold this record to date.

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