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List of the top 21+ best free Punjabi movie download sites for 2021-2022

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World-famous Punjabi films are the best in the business. We all sought free access to Punjabi film downloads and streaming.

Lists of Nemours websites allow us to see fresh Punjabi movie download sites. Punjabi comedies, in particular, have played a significant role in Punjabi films from 2021 to 2022.

We all have a favorite movie that we love to download and watch whenever possible. Is it possible to download a Punjabi movie from a website/site? We don’t know the answer to this question. We ask pals whether they have the movie on their phones.

We were hoping to acquire that video from a website and did not own any of our relatives or friends. Fortunately, you won’t have to deal with this issue ever again. This article will go through the finest places to watch free Punjabi movies online and download them for offline viewing.

The number of sites offering free downloads of Punjabi movies has grown dramatically. If you like viewing movies online, you’ll want to check out one of these top resources for downloading the latest Punjabi releases.

Download the best Punjabi movies from these popular websites.

The following is a full list of Punjabi movie download sites. Our audience has also vetted these sites, which are rather ancient.

Please share this article with your family members and friends who like downloading and watching online Punjabi movie sites from every website if you like this one.

When it comes to Punjabi films, even individuals who don’t speak the language well want to watch them because of their culture and romance.

Many users have asked us where to get Punjabi movies without ever using torrents. Therefore, I will present the finest Punjabi movie websites where you can get high-quality HD Punjabi films.


Theft of creative content is a criminal crime in India, where the law protects copyright. MoneyCompliance and its staff are opposed to all forms of piracy and copyright violations. The information presented here is only to raise readers’ awareness of the issues at hand.

In the last few paragraphs, we have attempted to explain the unlawful history and future of the movie piracy industry to you.

* We have no intention of encouraging movie piracy. We beg of you, dear readers, to please avoid downloading any of these free movies from download sites. Thank you for your cooperation.

No matter what kind of movie you’re looking for—whether you’re looking for the latest Bollywood flick or the next Hollywood blockbuster—you can’t download it illegally. Download your favorite movies safely and legally.

Good tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Download

  • On your browser, activate AdWalk (Most downloading Punjabi movie sites are required to disable AdBlocker).
  • Close the new tab that was opened when you clicked the ad.
  • When a new tab is launched automatically, you must be active to shut it.
  • A Punjabi movie download will be on your to-do list soon.

1. OkPunjab

One of the most well-known sources for Punjabi movie downloads is OKPunjab. All of the newest movies are available for free download right here. Punjab’s site layout is seen in any film. New Bollywood and Hollywood dubbed movies may also be downloaded through the site.

2 MP4 Moviez

Second, on the list of Punjabi cinema websites is MP4Moviez. Their movie lists are constantly updated. Here, you’ll find all the most recent movies. This website’s design and navigation are straightforward, making it easy for new visitors to go around.

There is a particular function for those who can’t discover their movies on the internet. When a film you’re searching for isn’t included on their site, you may request that it be added by sending them the film’s name.

After finding the movie, they would post it on their website. General, Please send them a note in their contact box, and they’ll get back to you right away.

3. Movievoom Movie

Only for Punjabi movies. ‘Your requested URL has been prohibited in line with orders from the Telecommunications Department of the Government of India’ will appear unless you insert HTTP: / before the website link. Go to Google and search for MovieVoom if you encounter this warning or issue.

4. Filmawale

Another website for downloading Punjabi movies is Filmawale. They get free access to the most recent Punjabi flicks. So, if you want to keep up with the newest Punjabi flicks, you need to bookmark this page.

Use Katmovie to find a high-definition Punjabi movie site. There is no direct link between Punjabi films and the search bar. However, you may search for Punjabi films by name. Every time a new HD print of a movie is made available, this page is updated to reflect the release date.

There are many additional options outside Punjabi cinema, including Bollywood films, Hollywood dubs, and online series. HD prints of the most recent web series are available here.

6. Xmovies

We like watching all Punjabi films but finding places where we can download them might be challenging. It’s time to turn to Xmpovisz. It includes a huge selection of Punjabi films from the past and present. You may see them at the top of a webpage for Punjabi films.

It’s impossible not to be impressed by the library’s impressive film collection. In addition to English-language titles, Axmovies offers movies in every other language.

7. Hdfriday

Hdfriday is a brand-new website where you can quickly find any Punjabi movie you want. Hdfriday’s biggest feature is that they update their movie frequently.

Whenever a new Punjabi film is released, they make every effort to get it online within a few days. Compared to other sites, ours often upload videos quickly, while other sites might take hours or even days to do so.

8. My download tube

Downloading is done using a To download Punjabi movies, Punjabi is a secure option. Get the latest HD movies from this site every day. Before downloading a movie, you may review the movie’s description and other relevant information.

The quality of the video may be seen in the screenshot, so you can choose whether or not to download it. Because of its straightforward design, My download Tube Tube features a wide selection of films.

9. RdxHD Punjabi Movies

Using the platform, people may download free Punjabi films from certain regions. Films come in various quality and sizes, making it easy to choose one that suits your needs. It’s available for free download. In addition, there are a few commercials. Users need to be cautious while downloading.

People used to exclusively watch movies on television in the past, but now that we’ve seen how entertainment has evolved, there was a period when people didn’t have enough time to enjoy themselves. In the past, individuals relied on a variety of alternative entertainment options.

10. OkJatt

Punjabi movies are the exclusive focus of Okjatt’s Punjabi movie downloading service, which is named after a character in Punjabi folklore.

We’re all aware that the first thing we’ll think about when someone says OKJATT is the name. When we hear “Punjabi,” we naturally think of them. When it comes to downloading Punjabi movies, this site is the best.

Regional (Punjabi) movies may be found on the DVDs in this collection. Links to other websites may be included in this website’s content, or it may be linked to from another location.

11. Watch Online Movie.Pk

This site is for you for those Punjabi brothers who like watching movies regularly. A Pakistani-language website is the first thing to note. Suppose you go to the URL after this webpage. You’ll be able to view the .pk domain extensions. In other words, it’s a Pakistani domain.

12. Cool Moviez

One more place where you can download Punjabi movies in high definition (HD) print in 720p or 1080p quality. Movies are accessible in a variety of formats.

The best thing you can do if you have a limited amount of mobile data on your smartphone is to go to coolmoviez.com and download the movies you want.

Your smartphone has 1 GB of data, and you utilize 650 MB every day. Downloading Punjabi movies on the internet is what you want to do. Your favorite movie may now be downloaded in HD using the 350 MB that you now have available. That’s why it’s so popular among people.

13. HD Movies Free

HD Movies Free is a well-known online destination for Punjabi movie downloads from Hollywood and Bollywood studios.

Faster downloads are possible due to the company’s server. This is the finest place for HD fans to watch movies online since all movies are streamed in HD.

Requests for movies may be made on this page, and after they are loaded, you’ll get an email to let you know when the movie is ready for download. Downloading is a breeze because of this. Great films are available in various languages, with or without subtitles.

14. YTS Movie

YTS Movies is a great place to get movies to download. In addition to providing a constant flow of fresh music, it serves as a prequel to any future films. You may key in the name of a film and search for it, and you’ll get a variety of links for various languages and sizes of the film available.

You may download high-definition of TV shows, serials, and music videos. Ads and bugs are the main drawbacks but don’t worry; they won’t harm you. It’s simple to download a movie without a hitch.

15. FMovie

FMovies is the finest place to get free movies to watch later on. This is one of the places where users go to get high-quality HD videos. The website also gives download links for all kinds of movies in the language of your choice.

Because they have its server, this site is the greatest option for downloading files at fast speeds. The user can request their movie download. This is the finest place to get movies to download.

16. HDPop Corn

You’ve heard of it, and certainly, HD movies are available. The videos available on this website are of the highest possible quality, even in basic HD. Every language film, ideally in HD, is available in various formats.

Downloading a movie or a link to a movie you’re now viewing is as simple as clicking on a button. If you want to keep up with the latest movie news, you may subscribe to these websites. All Punjabi, as well as other regional films, may also be found here.

17. MKVCinemas

Downloads may be found at MKVCinemas.com. However, there are articles about the movie, and its specifics are included.

Users that download movies on their mobile phones should use this app instead. As a result of registering an account, you will be able to view free movies of all genres & languages.

Customers may download movies without registering on various websites. Movies from the most recent releases may be found on these sites. HD movies are also available.

18. Downloadhub

One of the finest places to get movies of all kinds is DownloadHub. It’s safe to assume that new films will be of high quality since they require updating time. You may choose between downloading high-definition movies and more basic video files. Whether or not the film’s rating helps you download it, each film is assigned a rating.

Some ads on this site may be a little bothersome. The finest movie is still available for download.

19. Fully Watch Online Movie

This is a website where you may get free movies to watch on your computer or mobile device. This makes it possible for the consumer to see the whole movie online.

It contains a variety of linkages. As a result, it will make it easier for those who are looking for a movie to download to do so.

The quality of the video is decent despite some adverts on this website. In addition to downloading Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood movies, you can also download 300MB movies 4u.

20. 300MB Movies 4 U

If you want to watch movies on the go, 300MB Movies 4U is a terrific resource. This is a definite must-see. It’s a movie packed with everything.

The quality varies, but you’ll still be able to locate the movies you want. Ads are included in this. There are a few guidelines to follow when it comes to downloading movies.

21. Punjabi Movies on Mx Player

Free Punjabi movies on an Mx player are now available online. This is a website where you can watch free Punjabi movies and web series. Movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, web series, Tamil, and Punjabi may be found in Mx Player’s many categories.

22. YouTube

As we all know, YouTube is the world’s most popular video platform. You can’t believe how many people are shocked by it. Bee watches and uploads videos on it every day.

Using the “youTube downloader” app for Android, you may download movies from YouTube. It never charges for its services and always provides the finest possible video quality.

“Friends” from the album Yellow Music Yellow Music’s YouTube account is the best place to go if you want to download Punjabi movies. Newly released Punjabi films may be downloaded quickly and conveniently from this channel.

This short will include a lot of Punjabi flicks, which is a fantastic thing. Is. You may expect to see a high-quality film on this YouTube channel within a week after the release of new Punjabi flicks.

Also See: According to the facts, Peggy Ann Farrar, Leonardo DiCaprio’s mother, is an Amritdhari Sikh

Bollywood: This is an excellent YouTube channel to download since you will discover a lot of comedic flicks here. You may get fresh Punjabi comedies here if you wish to download them. It’s a fantastic place to find and download Punjabi movies. Here you’ll discover all of the most recent releases.

YouTube B channel Lokdhun Punjabi provides easy access to the latest Punjabi movie releases. You may effortlessly download new Punjabi films from this official channel.

There are a lot of wonderful new Punjabi films to watch on this channel, such as Zindagi and Kushmayan, as well as Titanic and Rocky Mantle.

This channel has more than 8 million followers, and fresh Punjabi music will be sent to your inbox every week. Consequently, gentlemen, you now have access to the most recent Punjabi film downloads.


Hope this information has clarified how Punjabi films are downloaded or why you shouldn’t go to the film’s current places. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this.

You may quickly get Punjabi movie sites from these sources. If you like this post, please bookmark or share this with your family ones who enjoy watching online Punjabi movies.

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