New Gol Gappe Punjabi movie Announced Cast Song

At the end of the year, Smeep Kang Gol Gappe’s New Punjabi movie is getting an official announcement. Carry on Jatta character Binnu Dhillon joins him in this journey. B.N. Sharma, along with Navneet Dhillon and Binnu Dhillion from the female cast, isn’t left behind.

Smeep Kang will helm a new film named Gol Gappe, which we learned about last night. Now comes the formal announcement and confirmation of this release. The event’s official website has all the information you need.

The film’s producers are Kamal Mukut, Soham Rockstar Entertainment, and Janvi Telefilms LLP. Even Punjabi star Binnu Dhillion is occupied with the production of the Punjabi film Jagga 7/51.

A statement has been posted on Smeep Kang’s official social media accounts. In front of the crowd, he announced that the film’s name was Gol Gappe. It was a great joy for the Punjabis to create this film since they were certain that the public would appreciate the Gol Gappe movie.

Let us now discuss the film. In 2021, what is the plot of the Punjabi film? The title they’ve given it makes it seem like it may be a compilation of comedic films.

It’s no secret that Kang makes great films for the whole family. This is another one of those things. People are eager to see the Gol Gappe movie after seeing the poster.

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Aside from the lead actors Binnu Dhillon, Rajat Bedi, Ihana Dhillon, and Navneet Dhillon, B.N. Sharma will also be featured in this film in an important role.

Smeep Kang, THE KING OF COMEDY, directs and produces Golgappe, which Deepak Mukut, Ilaa Bedi Dutta, Manik Bedi, Bunty Raghav, and Vikas Agarwal are all involved in.

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