Navneet Kaur Rana has done a Punjabi Movie too!

After the Hanuman Chalisa controversy in Maharashtra, a woman’s name, Navneet Kaur Rana, is becoming increasingly contentious. Are you aware that she has also appeared in Punjabi films?

To learn more about her and her Punjabi movie, read this blog article until the end. Among the current crop of Punjabi film actresses, Navneet Kaur Rana is the most contentious.

Regarding politicians who were once actors, the name Rana is usually in the news. However, these days, because of his job, Rana is a big issue in P-Town. While both of Rana’s parents were born and reared in Mumbai, they descend from a Punjabi ethnicity.

Not only that, but the majority of his work has been in South Indian films. After completing her senior year of high school, she decided to leave school and pursue a career as a model, participating in six music videos in the process.

Seenu Vasanthi Lakshmi was Navneet Rana’s first feature-length film. Then came the films Chetna (2005), Jagapathi (2005), Good Boy (2005), and Bhuma (2008).

However, Rana made his Punjabi cinema debut in 2010 with Lad Gaya Pecha. A character named Lovely is portrayed by the actress in Gurpreet Ghughi’s film.

Amrit, Shoma Anand, Rana Jung Bahadur, Gopi Bhalla, Ashwan Bhardwaj, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Alisha Grewal Khan, and Preeti, among others. The film is directed by Anmol Arora and produced by him.


An engaged guy who falls in love with a ghost and then attempts to kill himself is at the center of the film’s plot. He is also madly in love with someone else. Who will he choose in this comedy of errors? ‘

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