How To Download From Amazon Prime Movies & Save Series

Here, you will learn how to download and save Amazon Prime movies and series. Amazon Prime remains the most popular video-streaming service in the world. Despite how convenient it is to stream and view videos over the internet, there are times when you’ll want to use another method.

Prepare to flee or visit a remote region without Wi-Fi; you may need to download something for offline viewing on your phone, smartphone, or laptop.


For systems like these, Amazon Prime makes it simple to download content from Amazon Prime to a mobile device. You should follow these steps if you want to be successful.

Only smartphones and select tablets, like the iPad, may download Amazon Prime titles. They are unavailable for downloading to your personal computer, video game console, or television set.


Step 1: Make that your gadget is up to date.

In the first place, check to see if Amazon Prime is running. Open the App Store on your iOS device (needs version 10.1 or later) or the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone if your device is not set to automatically update.

Using the Store from the Taskbar or Start menu, select your user icon and click Download or Update to get Netflix on Windows 10. The final step is to click Check for updates to begin upgrading to Prime.

Step 2: Select a download quality.

There are two quality options for downloading and watching content from Amazon Prime: Standard and Higher. The latter appears to have a higher resolution, with a 720p or 1080p grade, but Amazon doesn’t fix that.

The basic version of the app takes up less space on your phone and speeds up data downloads, while the high version requires more space and patience.

Depending on your environment and the type of gadget you’re using, you’ll have to decide what to acquire. A regular setting on your new phone may appear reasonable, whereas a high resolution on your tablet or laptop may look appropriate.

To finalize your decision, locate the app settings menu. It can be renamed or accessed under your profile signature on the Android or iOS mobile app. You may choose the quality you like by clicking on either Download Video Quality (Android) or Video Quality (Android).

A detailed breakdown of how much space Amazon Prime Movie Download consumes will be provided later in this post;

Step 3: Choose an Area.

Amazon Prime’s Available for Download section makes it easier to find movies that can be downloaded, even if they aren’t all available for streaming. Sub-categories of additional genres appear when selecting a Web Series or a Movie option.

Windows 10 gadgets’ penultimate opportunity on the Home tab. Please note that labels can be found by selecting Find More to Download or Find Something to Download in Amazon’s iOS or Android app.

An arrow with a horizontal line under it, which is the download icon, tells you that the title you’re looking for is available for Download.

Step 4: Begin your download.

To begin the download, click on the download icon at the time or in the order you wish to see the movie. Here’s a quick tip for Android users: Selecting a storage location in the Amazon app may be possible.

The app’s repository device was installed previously and used Amazon Prime by default, but a recent upgrade has improved the app’s potential. Inserting a microSD card into your device and setting it as your default download location is now possible through the app’s Settings section.

Step 5: Watch the movies you’ve downloaded.

Once a video has been downloaded, it will appear in the download section. Tap the download menu on a mobile device and the menu key in the plan’s upper-left corner on a Windows-based device.

On the label, the size and rating are displayed. To watch the episode, connect or click on the video thumbnail.

How to view an Amazon movie that you’ve downloaded?

Your downloaded movie will open and play automatically on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device without you having to do anything else. Start viewing the movie or TV show you want to watch, but don’t limit yourself to what you’ve already planned to watch.

A list of all the movies and TV shows you’ve downloaded to your device will be displayed if you can’t access the schedule or movie’s website because you don’t have internet access.

To rapidly see a list of all the movies and TV shows you’ve downloaded to your mobile device, you may have to click the “Download Button” at the bottom of the screen.

How to save up space on Amazon Prime by deleting a downloaded movie?

Once you’ve downloaded a movie, you may want to delete it from your portable device to free up space. There are two ways in which you can accomplish this goal:

Simply click on the Mobile Devices icon that indicates a movie has been downloaded, select Delete Download, and you’ll be taken to an option to remove the movie from your device.

All downloaded tapes can be deleted using the pencil symbol in the upper right corner of the download page. Click or tap the Trashcan icon in the upper-right corner of the iPhone or iPad to delete the title. On Android, tap or click the Trashcan icon to delete it.


How can I make an automated download from Amazon Prime work?

However, it would be fantastic if you could have Netflix perform the downloading on your behalf!. There is good news if you have an Android phone.

With the release of Downloads for You, a new Android app that lets you watch and download your Amazon Prime watch history, Netflix has made it easier for Android users to watch and download movies and TV shows that match their preferences.

You only need a Wi-Fi connection to enable downloads, but the process is simple for you (no cellular data). Select Download from the Amazon Prime app’s navigation bar.

Then click Smart Downloads at the top of the following screen. All that’s left for you to do is toggle the Download for yourself on or off.

Click the Allocate Storage button if unsure how much storage Amazon will take up on your device. The Plus and Minus icons allow you to choose from 1GB, 3GB, and 5GB storage restrictions.

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