11 Best Punjabi Motivational Songs That Inspire & Motivate You

There are times in our lives when we need songs that may motivate and encourage us to complete our tasks better. When it comes to doing our task to a high standard, only motivating Punjabi music will do. Dopamine is released in our brains when we listen to motivational tunes, which inspires us to take action toward our goals.

The Punjabi music business provides you with a limitless number of songs you will likely like. It’s all up to you and how you’re feeling. The songs might be categorized as Punjabi love songs, friendship songs, or Punjabi wedding music. It’s not only Punjabi singers that have their specialized sub-categories.

Are you seeking inspirational music in Punjabi? To help you attain your objectives more efficiently, particularly gym tunes. We’ve compiled a list of 11 Punjabi motivating songs to get you pumped up and ready to take on the day.

1. Thokar By Hardeep Grewal

Vehli Janta Records released Hardeep Grewal’s Thokar in 2015. Thokar is one of the most popular and well-regarded Punjabi motivational songs to date. Deepu Kakowalia is the writer who authored the Thokar song’s lyrics.

If you’re not fluent in Punjabi, watch the whole video to understand what Thokar means and how the video was conceptualized, even if you don’t speak the language.

2. Success By Khushi Pandher

The hit tune This song, written by Khushi Pandher, depicts a boy’s real-life tale. Mr-Punjab, a popular television program in Punjab, featured a contestant who won the competition. The song “Success” is a tribute to those individuals who are willing to take a risk to realize their dreams.

In the year 2020, the popularity of Punjabi music has risen again, with over 5 million views on YouTube. Have you seen this song, Success, yet?

3. Time by Virasat Sandhu

Are you also trying to prove yourself to others, including your parents, or wasting your time? In this wonderful song Time by Virasat Sandhu and Goldy Manepuria, lyricist Goldy Manepuria, both superstars, have done an excellent job.

When I listen to Virasat Sandhu’s song Time, it gets me pumped up for work at Trend Punjabi. Yes, we feel the same way as well. Comment below and let us know what you think.

4. Game By Shooter Kahlon

When it comes to Punjabi music, Shooter Khalon is a relative newcomer. It was Shooter Kahlon’s debut song to be uploaded on the 5911 Records YouTube Channel. No one in your life will aid or support you in pursuing your goal in this song. To reach your objective, you must do all of the work alone.

5. Chote Chote Ghar by Ranjit Bawa

Ranjit Bawa’s song Chote Chote Ghar tells the narrative of India’s middle-class residents. There are only two options available to most people: either continue blaming lack for our troubles or take control of our destiny by actively shaping it.

6. Taqdeer, by Nav Randhawa

It seems like others are making fun of you as well. Even though you’re aware of your abilities, your peers and others aren’t encouraging you.

If you take the time to watch the video for the Taqdeer song, you’ll learn what it’s like to live out your dreams in the actual world. The song “Taqdeer” was published in 2019 and has amassed over 3 million views on YouTube.

7. Le Chakk Main Aa Gya by Parmish Verma

Parmish Verma’s Le Chakk Main Aa Gya was named the most motivating song of 2017. That hardship is an unavoidable element of the route to achievement, as He made it clear in His tale.

There is no such thing as an easy task. The only constants on the path to achievement are challenges and suffering.

8. Manzil by Ranjit Bawa

The powerful melody of Ranjit Bawa’s Manzil song promises a wonderful future for individuals with a strong will and a burning desire to succeed at any cost.

You should listen to this music whenever you need a pick-me-up since it will remind you that your goal isn’t too far away, but it will also help you stay focused.

9. Changey Din By Kambi

My favorite motivational video is Kambi’s Changey Din’s music video. Warrior gets into soccer team despite getting denied from Place due to certain bad factors, as explained in this article.

10. Bulandiyan By Hardeep Grewal

This song delivers a lot of information clearly and audibly. Nothing, not even your shortcomings, can stop you from achieving your goals. You need to keep your eye on the prize. Hardeep Grewal Singer is the only artist that springs to me when I think of an inspiring song.

His first two songs, Thokar and Bulandiyan, were written in Punjabi for Punjabi-speaking fans. They are enamored by Hardeep Grewal’s lyrical and musical compositions.

11. Supne Ni Saun Dinde By Prabh Bains

Super Ni Saun Dinde by Prabh Banis is number 11 in our playlist. This song tale demonstrates that You are the person who can do anything to accomplish your goal and reveal the genuine life of your desire and how you can also achieve it. Without money, you can construct your dream.

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Your turn now: Would you want to contribute an inspiring track to this playlist? Please let us know the title of the song and the name of the performer who sang it.

I hope you now have all the Punjabi motivational music you seek. We will surely include your song. Keep in touch with us for additional information.

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