5 Sardar Sohi Punjabi Movies Impresses Everyone

For a film to be a blockbuster, it must have a starring role. A favorite of moviegoers everywhere is the Sardar Sohi series. As a leading actress in Punjabi cinema, Sohi is a household name. Sardar Sohi has appeared in many Punjabi films, the list of which is illustrious.

The fact that he has played such a pivotal role in several films has garnered him numerous honors. Sardar Sohi is depicted in a variety of ways in these movies. Therefore we’ve put together a list of some of the best examples.



After making it to Punjabi cinema, Ardas’ cast members received equal recognition. Daler Singh Sohi was well-represented by the entire cast, including Sardar Sohi, who played the character’s father.

He portrayed a farmer who was in debt and was attempting to take his own life. On the other hand, his character is a testament to his acting abilities.

2. Judge Singh LLB

You’ll have to watch a lot of courtroom dramas in Bollywood, but Judge Singh LLB is the only courtroom thriller in Punjabi. TS Brar, the best lawyer in town, was favored by Sardar Sohi, who played him. Best Negative Role went to him as well.

3. Jora 10 Numbaria

Corrupt officers had wrecked their lives and sought to retaliate against them by becoming legendary gangsters. Sardar Sohi, a police officer, was among the group. It’s a must-see for any action movie fan to see Jora 10 Numbers.

4. Sardar Mohammad

Lastly, Sardar Mohammad tells the story of a youngster rescued by an Indian police officer during the Indo-Pak conflict. A member of the Indian police force, Sardar Sohi, played the character in the film.

For his supporting performance in Punjabi Filmfare Awards, Sohi received the Best Actor award Punjabi Filmfare. Among other things, check out Binnu Dhillon Comedy Movies.


5. Aate Di Chidi

Sardar Sohi, a father-in-law who now lives in Canada but still longs for his native Punjab, tells his narrative in Aate Di Chidi. It doesn’t go over well with him when he tries to instill Punjabi culture in his grandkids. Sardar Sohi is the film’s central character that alternates between comedic and dramatic elements.

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