4 Himanshi Khurana Punjabi Movies You Must Watch These Flim

If you’ve ever wondered how many movies Himanshi Khurana has appeared in, here’s your answer: Many people know she solely works in the Punjabi music business as a model and singer.

There is no question that Himanshi has appeared in some of Punjabi cinema’s most popular songs, but these films didn’t accomplish anything spectacular for her either.

Big boss season 13 was the catalyst for her breakthrough in the film business. As a result of the program, she had a dramatic shift in appearance.

She often maintains her social media accounts with both personal and professional information. He appeared in multiple Punjabi films before he became an international star!


1. Sadda Haq

Her acting debut was in the Mandeep Benipal film “Sada Haq,” which also featured Kuljinder Singh Sidhu, Dhriti Saharan, and Dev Tharoor. The film was produced in the late 1980s and early 1990s during the Punjab conflict.

Against screen, we see how a charismatic leader can motivate the state’s young to take on the corrupt police and administration. As Kartar Singh Baz’s girlfriend, Sukhpreet Himanshi is featured in the film.

The crowd had varied feelings about the picture. Some Sikhs referred to it as the “true” face of police violence, while others referred to it as a “praise of terrorists”.

2. 2 Bol

In 2015, Himanshi Sahib Singh’s film 2 Bol’ brought her back into the limelight after a two-year absence. Isha Sharma, Sonpreet Jawanda, and many more appeared in films where Himanshi was the lead.

The self-proclaimed saint utilizes the emotional reactions of the populace for political and personal benefit in this film. Himanshi portrayed ‘Simran‘ in the film. Banned by the CBFC, this film The trailer was not even seen by the CBFC. International distribution of the picture was made possible through this.

3. Leather Life

Sukhbir Singh’s ‘Leather Life‘ was released in the same year that Himanshi featured in the film. Many well-known actors, like Aman Dhaliwal and Om Puri, are featured in the film and Prince KJ Singh. Himanshi has previously appeared as ‘Sifat‘, Aman Dhaliwal’s love interest in ‘Gurdas‘.

From 1984 through 1990, a young guy had to demonstrate against the government because he was obliged to do so.

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4. Afsar

Himanshi made her film debut in 2018 with Tarsem Jassar and Nimrat Khaira’s ‘Afsar‘ after three previous appearances. Gulshan Singh was in charge of the direction.

Officer, a lyrical drama by Tarsem Jassar, tells the story of Jaspal (Tarek Jassar), a government employee who falls in love with Harman (Nimrat Khaira).

If he wants to marry her, he needs to play the role of a poor official to win over his father’s affections. Himanshi did not appear in the film, although he did appear in the song Udhar Chalda alongside Gurnam Bhullar at the conclusion.

In an interview with Ghaint Punjab, Himanshi remarked, “Back then, the trend was of comedy movies or movies centered on three males and three ladies in college.

I made a conscious decision to stand out from the crowd. I wanted to play interesting characters. Thus these were the films I picked.

Censorship forced Sadda Haq to be trimmed by 40 minutes from the film. I had little control over how much of my part was trimmed. In addition, a second was fired, but we were unable to finish the job ( Do Bol )

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