5 Yoga Exercises for Football Players

5 Yoga Exercises for Football Players

Are you a football player? Then you know the feeling in your muscles after a 90-minute game. The fatigued and tired muscles need rest and time to recover. However, when you participate in a tournament, you hardly have the requisite time to recover. Playing with tired muscles affects your game, health and agility.

So what’s the solution for this? Try yoga. It will not only relax your muscles by stretching them, it will also tone your muscles and make you better prepared for the field.

Athletes all around the world have acknowledged the benefits of yoga. They are using it to bring in agility to their posture as well as using it to recuperate after a game.

Yoga poses ideal for football players

While yoga has enormous options and thousands of poses (exercises) beneficial for various parts of the body and organs, we have identified a few that are specifically ideal for football players. So here are the 5 yoga exercises for football players which will help you definitely :

Adho Mukha Svavasana or the Downward Facing Dog

This is a yoga pose which stretches your entire back muscles. Stand on your feet and touch the ground. Then slowly take your feet back to make an inverted arch. You will feel a stretch in the muscles at the back of your legs and thigh and also your back. This pose relieves the pressure from the lower back and releases tension from the vertebrae.

Virabhadrasana I or the Warrior I

Although the name sounds strange, the pose is extremely beneficial and practised by athletes in every field of sports. You need to do a single leg squat first and then raise your hand while joining your palms. Slowly stretch backwards as much as you can. You will feel the muscles of your leg and abdomen stretching while your back muscles will contract. This pose is useful for rejuvenating after a stressful day on the ground.

Ardha Hanumanasana or the Half Front splits pose

This pose stretches your hamstrings and relaxes your muscles. Hamstrings are used extensively while playing soccer and hence I am suggesting this pose. Apart from hamstrings, it stretches the thighs and groins. It is a sort of a preparatory pose for full splits. Beginning with the downward facing dog, you need to bring your leg forward and push your body down to do this pose. If it feels difficult to do this with your hands far away from your body, bring your hands closer.

Pigeon Pose

This pose looks difficult but has a host of benefits to it. You need to do a full split and then face one side and touch your feet with both hands. Your face should touch your knee. You will feel most muscles of your body stretch. It increases the range of your femur and lengthens your hip muscles. It also tones your body so that backbends become easier. Trying the cycle kick will be a child’s play after practising this pose regularly.

Upavistha Konasana or Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend

This is another pose which stretches several muscles in your body. Sit with a split and then bend your body forward to touch the ground with your hand. Hold on for a few seconds while breathing continuously. This pose is widely used for treating arthritis patients. Apart from the physical benefits like stretching of all the leg muscles and strengthening the spine, it also stimulates the abdominal organs and calms the brain.

Practising these 5 yoga exercises for football players, regularly give you the edge over others in the field. It might be the X-factor differentiating you from your teammate and get you the chance to play in the position you always aspired for. You need to try it to understand the benefits it can provide.

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